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At fresh loo, we are reinventing the sanitation delivery process reliable, measureable, accountable, repeatable using technologies like sensors, IOT, cloud computing and AI.

Our TAC (Toilet Automation Controller) provides a game changing approach to toilet cleaning, with real time monitoring of toilet facilities via implementation of multiple sensors installed around toilet, providing useful customer feedback modules and monitoring everything from air quality (toilet odour), exhaust fan status, choke toilet, usage count and pattern. The system uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate and rate toilet cleanliness, in order to alert cleaning staff about the issues so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently without delay. Using the machine learning and Al technology the collected data allows the Al to learn usage pattern of the toilet and based on this, proposes manpower requirements, cleaning schedules, optimize its management process, while improving the overall customer experience.

We achieve this by setting up IOT enable sensor network data delivery infrastructure across public toilets, railway coach toilets, community toilets etc., and then connecting with our cloud platform. It is an open ecosystem which can get integrated with any platform easily on open API. Fresh loo leveraging new smart technologies in sanitation solution that will improve lives and make citizens proud

We are solving

Standarize Cleaniness

Its hard to achieve uniform cleaning standards with changing management companies and cleaning staff so automation provides common uniformed cleaning standard across all toilets.

Monitoring and quality control

Its not feasible to physically monitor the cleanliness of the toilet periodically by supervisor. Our IOT enabled solution keeps sensor data updated on real time basis.

Central Monitoring

Paper based task recording leads to localized information, not easily accessible to cleaning team, supervisors and higher management members. Our system enebles the central data monitoring and AI analytics.

Improving customer experience

Clean toilet is big happiness factor for every customer/ passenger. Collect one touch feedback for user’s toilet experience Comprehensive process outcome improves customer relation.


Our Solution

  • Toilet Choke Detection

    Smart Sensor Fitted In Toilet Seat Sensor The Choke Status Regularly.

  • Bad Odour Monitoring

    Gas Sensor Measure The Odour Concentration Level On Real Time Basic.

  • Occupancy Sensing

    Monitoring The Water Level Inside The Coach Tank For Proper Toilet Usage.

  • Water Level Sensor

    Monitoring The Water Level Inside The Coach Tank For Proper Toilet Usage.

  • Passenger Feedback

    Collection The Real Time Feedback From Passenger About The Services In The Coach.

  • Choke Toilet Alert

    If Toilet Identified As Choked, TAC Actuate The Alert For OBHS & Concerned Service Team.

  • Odour Dispensing

    Incase Bad Odour Level Increases TAC Actuate It Automatically For

  • Practice Announcement

    Once Toilet Usage Identified Announcement Of Good Hygiene Practice Actuates

  • Toilet Light Automation

    Save Power If Toilet Is Not In Use Reduced The Lighting Intensity.

  • Occupancy Display

    Outside display the occupancy statu- s right information to the passenger.

  • Feedback Alert

    Negative Feedback Alert Through TAC To Respective Service Provider.

  • Monitoring Report

    Central Monitoring Of System Avoids Discrete Paper Report, Real Time Ce- ntral Evaluation Of Service Provided.

  • People Counting

    Get The Detailed Insight Of Toilet Usage Pattern/Density Count etc. For Right Decision Making

  • Water Level Usage

    Water Usage And Its Predictive consumption Will Improve The Clean Toilet Performance.

  • Complaints

    Real Time Complaint To Concerned Staff & It Redressal, Will Increase Efficiency Of Services.

Success Story

Smart Sanitation Prayagraj – Kumbh 2019

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